I Am A Mother And I Drink. I Am Not The Devil.

Everyone has something that calms them down, helps them to relax, and brings them inner peace. Everybody has a vice, so to speak. This is especially true after a long day. A release from stress, life, parenting, work, whatever. For me, it’s alcohol. Always has been.

I get that life is not a competition, but I have stress. I have real life shit that weighs me down and percolates in my mind to the point at which I need some sort of release to make the worry go to rest.

Some people need to pray, others need to sweat it out in a gym, some may even chain smoke to ease their mind, but for me, I need my alcohol. What I don’t need is to be made to feel bad about it.mom needs drink

Yes, I have children. Three in fact. Regardless of this, I still deserve to kick back and enjoy myself. I am not dead just because I have kids. I am still a human being that likes to have deserved fun when needed, just like I was before I became a parent. I have several mom friends in the trenches who can relate.

And those tolerances we once had that were weak and easily tampered with? Those are a thing of the past. Bottle of wine? I got this. Sit back and relax and enjoy. Tomorrow morning may be a tad rough, but tonight will be fun. Besides, it’s nothing that a little water and Tylenol can’t fix—or greasy food.

I feel that despite my kids seeing me drink, they will turn out just fine. I grew up in a rather dysfunctional and interesting family dynamic, but even though things weren’t “normal” in my childhood, I cannot recollect ever once seeing my parents drink alcohol in front of me when I was in my youth.

My father was much older and had had his “party days” so that was behind him, but my mother was a single mom who often went out on the town and reserved her times of drinking for when her children were none the wiser. I cannot say the same. My kids have seen me drink on several occasions. But this is also mainly because I do not have a live-in housekeeper to care for my kids the way that I had as a child when my mother reared me. I do my best to wait till it’s past bedtime, but sometimes such is not always the case.dOKpmOkids-mother-annoying-tired-hungry-drink-moms-ecards-someecards

Not seeing my parents drink didn’t really teach me anything about alcohol anyway. How much is too much? Is it fun? Am I supposed to do it? I dabbled a little in high school but I was so focused on making good grades and playing sports that I didn’t care much for it during that time. Now after high school, that’s a much different story.

Thankfully my cool mom radar goes off when I meet other mothers that like to enjoy themselves and don’t pretend to be Mother Theresa. Because, really, what’s the point in that anyway? If I want a drink I am going to indulge myself. I work hard, I deserve it. I’m not waking up in the morning and drinking vodka from a flask. Save your judgement for someone who is actually doing an injustice to the world. I am only doing an injustice to my liver. And it’s my liver dammit, I can do with it as I see fit.

Everyone has their vice and for me it’s wine…or vodka, heck, even whiskey if that’s what I feel like I’m in the mood for…or all that I have in my liquor cabinet.

Life is short and I am not here to impress anyone, so to all of those mothers out there who are quick to judge another mother for letting loose and having fun you should ask yourself why you’re judging someone else in the first place. I won’t judge you for making shit off Pinterest, don’t judge me for drinking a bottle of wine on a Tuesday. Seems fair enough.


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I am a wife, mother, and Editor-in-Chief of a handful of major pet publications. Check out my blog moodswingmama.com to learn more about my adventures in marriage, parenting, being a working mother, and self-acceptance.

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