Time Is Always The Best Medicine When It Comes To Family

For people who are siblings, often times there are many things in common. Which, coming from the same parents, doesn’t sound so surprising. Sometimes these similar traits can serve as something to bond over, and other times it can be a source of frustration and even pain.

Spending your childhood with a sibling only to disconnect as an adult hurts.

Sometimes it’s over little differences that can’t seem to work themselves out, and other times it’s a falling out that leaves a person feeling damaged to the point of despair. I’ve experienced this and the only way to make the hurt subside was to push it to the back of my mind and to lock it in a safe spot that I wouldn’t allow my mind to wander to.

Don’t open that door. Don’t let that pain back in. It needs a place to stay because that’s what’s needed to feel protected from the questions that linger and hook into your brain.

Time is a funny thing. It has a unique power as it’s earned. Change cannot happen overnight. This is especially true when it comes to a person and who they are. In recent years, since the passing of my mother, my last living parent, I’ve grown up a lot. Not only as a human being, but in the roles I wear in my everyday life. As a wife, as a mother, as an employee, as a friend. I’ve become more aware of the person that I am playing in this thing we call life and the impression I am leaving on those I meet and surround myself with. I’ve gained a broader perspective of my actions onto another person. I realize now that some of this hurt and the painful rifts that were formed weren’t all someone else’s fault.

I was wrong. I said things that I learned are hurtful to others. I’ve talked about myself too much and fell short when asking questions about how someone else might be doing. I’ve been quick to judge. And most importantly, I realize that for a person that you are related to by blood it can cut like a dagger straight in the gut when these actions come from a person that you once spent each day of childhood with.

Time shows you things you need to see, but only when you are ready to see them. When you are able to learn and grow from the past, you have the ability to turn those mistakes into life lessons. You never know when your life can change or what the future holds. Make those relationships right. Don’t live with regrets. If you miss someone enough that you call a brother or a sister, pick up the phone. Tell them. Chances are, because of that blood that runs deep and links the two of you for life, they might be feeling the same way, too.


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I am a wife, mother, and Editor-in-Chief of a handful of major pet publications. Check out my blog moodswingmama.com to learn more about my adventures in marriage, parenting, being a working mother, and self-acceptance.

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